Enterprise information

Enterprise information

Guangzhou good reputation carpet co., LTD is one of China's largest carpet manufacturers mechanism. Company has tufting carpet factory, wilton carpet factory two production bases, carpet dozens of sets of production equipment is mainly manufacturing and sales mechanism, wide tufted carpet, wilton carpet weaving and other material of ground floor. After 20 years of continuous development, has yearly produces each kind of specification, the scale of woven carpet production capacity of 20 million square meters. Since the late ninety s last century, woven tufting carpet production volume has maintained the domestic market first, became one of the main manufacturers in the field of domestic woven carpet. 

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Address: Rm. 301, I Building , No.3 Qianhai RD ,Songbei ,Luochongwei,Guangzhou,Guangdong ,China

At present, the company formed a carpet manufacturing centered from spinning, weaving to finishing one-stop production lines. Production of "good reputation" brand approved by the Chinese carpet carpet professional association for China's environmental protection carpets, was awarded the green product award of China environment protection foundation, and through the China arts and crafts association

 Company in the domestic first in the industry has formed a large sales network throughout the country, and products are also exported to the United States, Germany, France, the Netherlands, South Africa, Iraq, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Russia, kazakhstan, Philippines, South Korea, such as more than 20 countries. Be carpet consumers brand products company. In order to nearby to provide quality service for the customer, has been gradually developing a national level to the provincial capital cities as the center, throughout the various cities and sales network and service system.

Telephone: 15975452858 Fax: 8620-23355710 Zip code: 510000 Address: Guangzhou baiyun district

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